IT Security Assessment

"A Security Assessment that is the most practical yet comprehensive assessment that you will encounter"


Identifying Security Risks and Vulnerabilities

It is critical that businesses understand the security position of your systems by having experts complete an assessment.

We identify vulnerabilities in your systems, determine the likelihood of that vulnerability being exploited and the potential impact to your organisation

Obtain a Security Risk Report report identifying our findings backed up with a Security Management Plan which prioritises the mitigation of the identified vulnerabilities. This effectively puts in place a programme of work to address the issues identified.


  • Security Assessment Reports (not limited too)

    • Internal Computer/User Security Policy Assessment

    • Security Share Permissions Report by Computer/User

    • Login History/Failures by Computer Report

    • Suspicious Login Report

    • Outbound Security Report

    • Security Risk Report

    • Security Management Plan

    • Computer Security Report Card

    • Data Breach Liability

  • External Vulnerability Assessment

    • ​The objective of this assessment is to identify security vulnerabilities at your internet perimeter which can be exploited. Typically, the scope of this assessment will focus on your websites and range of public facing IP addresses​

    • Essential item for security compliance

    • Comprehensive report identifying our findings, classifying and prioritising the vulnerabilities discovered and generation of mitigation plans that can be communicated to executive, in-house technical and external suppliers to assess your security posture. Thus enabling you to put in place a program of work to address issues identified.

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