Microsoft 365 Cloud Assessment

"The Microsoft 365 cloud Assessment involves information gathering and reporting about the Azure AD and Microsoft 365 environment, it significantly reduces time spent on documentation and provides meaningful reports that empower technicians to take action."


Identifying Microsoft 365 Risks and Vulnerabilities

The Microsoft Cloud Assessment produces detailed Risk and Management Plan Reports, as well as separate assessment reports for each of the core Microsoft 365 applications, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Outlook Mail. Gathering all information about the Azure AD and Microsoft 365 environment and consolidating this into meaningful reports that empower technicians and IT providers to take action on existing and potential vulnerabilities. 

It is critical that businesses understand the security position of your systems by having experts complete an assessment.​

visibility of your Microsoft 365 environment

With our Microsoft Cloud Assessment, we are providing a powerful service that delivers greater visibility and more control over virtual environments to safeguard against security gaps and simultaneously save valuable time, money and the integrity of your organisations reputation. ​​

Reports include;

  • Azure AD Assessment

  • Outlook Mail Activity Report

  • Cloud Security Assessment

  • Cloud Risk Report

  • Teams Assessment

  • SharePoint Assessment

  • OneDrive Usage Report

  • Configuration Change Report

  • Remediation Management Plan

Empowering Your technicians to take action

Managing cloud environments has become a nightmare, as the environment grows and expands by the users and teams who access it. IT professionals can easily lose track, and lose control over the environment, opening the door to mis-configurations that undoubtedly will lead to security incidents. The Key report from the assessment is the "Remediation Management Plan" which takes issues identified in the Risk Report, where we organise them by severity, and include specific recommendations on how to remediate them. We document information from the Microsoft admin centre and  from multiple Microsoft 365 services, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Azure AD itself. We also identify other types of issues related to mis-configurations and operations.

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