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The purpose of a review is to examine the IT environment in your organisation in the context of the business strategy and to identify risks and opportunities associated with the IT environment, service operations, IT governance and IT risk management processes. The recommendations from this review may be used to generate an IT Strategy or update the current IT strategy which is aligned to the future business strategy for the organisation.


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The review is an independent evaluation conducted by TUSA IT based on our experience in IT Operations, IT Service Management and process-based IT Governance. In conducting the review, we used a standard ‘Review and Recommend’ approach which we have applied on many occasions in the past to assess IT organisations and processes across different sectors and organisations types. The approach is based on a process of information collection, assessment of current state in the context of best practice and the relative business priorities of the organisation and its stated strategic objectives.

The report will comprise findings from a number of perspectives, 

Service Perspective

Technical Perspective

Governance and Management Perspective

Management Perspective

We will summarise the findings with Operational Recommendations 

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