Tusa IT Management Service is a holistic approach to managing Information and Technology in your business which in turn will lead to a stable compliant environment where IT services compliment and support your business.

Our IT Management service will assist in implementing and managing the key pillars of successful best practice IT Management.

  • IT Operations & Support

  • IT Security Management

  • Risk Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Change Control

  • Service Continuity


IT Operations & Support

IT Operations & support management ensures that day to day IT Issues are handled in line with best practices. Senior Management will have assurance that IT brings value to your business, ensuring that IT policies and practices exist, are followed, monitored and managed in a manner which is aligned to business requirements.

Business IT Security

Assures delivery of IT services to the business in a risk effective manner. We ensure that IT Security practices are in place and effective and that the direction provided by senior management is translated into practice. With effective cybersecurity training for staff we ensure that your most valuable asset "people" become your cybersecurity gatekeepers.

Risk Management

IT Risk Management is embedded into all areas of IT Management. Risk is managed across all of IT and is aligned to the wider businesses risk management. We Identifying all possible risks that can affect the IT services with respect to time, cost, scope and quality.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management ensures a consistent and appropriate approach to the management of IT Suppliers. IT Suppliers are managed accordingly depending on their impact on the business. Information is gathered and recorded during the reporting period whivch highlights supplier performance, regular supplier and contract reviews are performed for key suppliers.

Change Control

IT Changes bring new features and possibilities to businesses however change is also greatest risk to service delivery. A structured routine approach to managing changes in imperative to managing risk to your business.

Service Continuity

Our IT  Service Continuity Service develops procedures to simplify and support  restoration, recovery and continuity for IT Infrastructure. We ensure that the IT services are available, continual and recovered within agreed timescales as defined in an SLA.

IT Service Continuity works closely with Business Continuity Management and supports the business goals. Recovery plans plans differ by region, size of the organisation, type of the business operation etc however the fundamental practice of ensuring availability of IT services is out primary objective.

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