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Banking & Financial Services

Our Consultants have years of experience in the Credit Union sector, Industrial and Community Credit Unions have benefited greatly by implementing IT Governance and Management methodologies bringing their board reporting up to a high standard giving the board assurance that compliance with the IT policies set out by the board and the CBI is being achieved. 


As Technology advances, the infrastructure in schools and colleges also advance with technology being a key enabler to delivering the curriculum. Theme 3 & 4 in Circular 0018/2019 refer to policies and ICT Infrastructure. according to the Digital Strategy for Schools 2012 - 2020 ICT Infrastructure  may  include:

  • Schools Broadband

  • In-School Wireless Networks

  • ICT Equipment

  • One-to One Student Devices /Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • Cloud Services

Technical Support and Maintenance is typically outsourced to an IT Supplier however these suppliers need to be managed effectively to ensure that the best interest of the schools are met. TUSA IT provide IT Governance and Management to schools and colleges which assures that the board of Management are informed on how IT is Managed and controlled and ensures peace of mind that IT Security standards are met.


Retail IT can be complex, we understand the criticality of IT services in retail businesses. Our management consultants have great levels of experience Managing IT in large retail environments, we apply the same principles to all retail environments. We provide assurance to retail owners that thier IT systems and suppliers are alligned to the business strategy.

Manufacturing & Production

IT is a Critical supporting service in production environments. We provide Steering and guidance on IT in Production and Manufacturing, IT Project Management, IT Governance and Management, Security management from an IT perspective and Physical perspective. Ensure that your IT is being managed effectively. 

All Industries

We provide IT Project Management, IT Governance and Management, Security management, Steering and oversight to a wide range of industries and sectors.

Typically businesses and institutes that cannot justify a full time IT Manager get the most benefits from working with TUSA IT as the expertise and experience can be drawn upon when required.


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